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Everything About Oldtimer Insurance

The oldtimer and insurance Let's say that an oldtimer is in any case a version of a type of car that has not been manufactured for a long time. Others give a different, more detailed description of the term oldtimer. They say that the model must not have been manufactured for at least a quarter of a century if it wants to […]

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Cheap medicines?

Will the medicines become cheaper? To answer this question, we need to bring out the kiwi model. And what is a kiwi model? A kiwi model works as follows: through a public tender, the competition between medicines with the same effect is played out. The company with the lowest price will receive exclusivity under this scheme. People who use these […]

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Income tax

Income tax and your car If you are part of the staff who enjoy a car from the company and you drive more than 500 km / year for personal use then money for the quasi car cost idea. From 1/01/2006 some codes are applicable. In this discussion we will put a few things […]

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Loan interest

Loan interest reduction and the additional loan agreement If you have become the owner of your own home, this can generate a tax benefit because you can deduct the loan interest and certain expenses. You do have to include the quasi-owner-occupied home lump sum in your wages. You will find more information about this in this contribution. From you dispose of your property and […]

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Current account

Interest payment on the current account At many banking institutions you will not receive an extra on your current account on top of your interest, but on the contrary you have to pay a lot. Especially when you go negative, so in red, but also when the amount is positive. After all, you usually pay for the use of your card, and by playing […]

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