Purchasing power

In this article we discuss factors that can increase or decrease your purchasing power. Purchasing power, of course, depends on the economic situation in the country as a whole. Last year in 2008 What are the factors that can decrease or increase purchasing power? Continuing inflation According to many economists, the year will be […]

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Wage increase

In Belgium, wages have risen by an average of 18 percent in the last four years. For some categories there has even been a wage increase of 20 percent. But a wage increase is still possible in times of crisis. Of course there will be indexation, but a real wage increase is no longer possible. For some employees, […]

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Take advantage of the crisis

We are currently in crisis. Companies go bankrupt, people get fired. But some companies are fighting the crisis. According to Bizz Magazine's annual job survey, the largest Belgian employers will recruit 12,000 people this year. The worst economic crisis can have its benefits. And these 12,000 are benefiting from the crisis. The biggest […]

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1 Value of your heritage

The value of your inheritance must be correctly estimated, because the heir himself determines the value of the inherited property. An overview of the important factors in determining the value of your inheritance. Put the correct value on your inheritance Whoever receives an inheritance must pay taxes on it. How much, […]

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