Fired over 50s

The financial crisis strikes, with the result that many over-50s are being fired. The number of unemployed has risen sharply in 2008. The increase in the unemployed within the group of over 50s has risen by 34.8 percent. Yet not everything is lost, people over 50 can also find a new job after being fired. They have […]

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Large amounts

The magic of large amounts… According to a study by the American Ohio University, we are all attracted to large amounts. Undoubtedly, it has to do with how human nature works. We want to get more and more for less effort.

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Personal inflation

Personal inflation - few people know what it really means. You can calculate your personal inflation yourself and compare it with the average. Last year we had to deal with high inflation of almost 6 percent. The prices of certain products and foodstuffs rose very sharply, but the consumer price index is almost not […]

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Buy design

In this article we give you tips on buying design, because everyone knows that design furniture is never cheap. Three properties are essential in design articles: the right material, the way they are made and of course a good shape. The nine tips when buying design. 1. Choosing a good signature When […]

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Nothing is more annoying when the battery of your mobile phone or laptop breaks down at the most important moment. A few simple tips can help increase battery life significantly. Nowadays the batteries last much longer. In addition, many devices are now equipped with additional, external batteries. Perhaps you have already experienced that […]

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