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28 Borrow money from a private person?

The economy in the Netherlands is improving again, although I notice little or nothing in my wallet! You do? According to the media we consume again as if our lives depended on it. Banks are less reluctant to lend money, but as a borrower you obviously have to meet a laundry list of criteria […]

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Borrowing Money: The Definitive Guide

More people are still borrowing money Borrowing money is still the order of the day. It is not without reason that almost everyone knows the phrase 'borrowing money costs money'. So knowing is different from acting according to a science, because there is plenty of borrowing, every day. Borrow money to buy a house […]

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Fixed interest

Most in our country opt for a fixed rate. Despite the declining purchasing power, a surprising amount was borrowed in 2008. Most Belgians continue to borrow and, as said before, for a fixed interest. The amounts reached their maximum. The number of loans taken out for home loans is compared to the year 2007 with 5 […]

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