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28 Borrow money from a private person?

The economy in the Netherlands is improving again, although I notice little or nothing in my wallet! You do? According to the media, we consume again as if our lives depended on it. Banks are less reluctant to lend money, but as a borrower you obviously have to meet a laundry list of criteria […]

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Costs of used car

Are you curious whether a second-hand car is still cheaper now that the salon conditions for a new car are already so favorable. What are the costs of a second-hand car? In order to get as complete a picture as possible of possible costs of a used car, you should not look at the purchase price but at the TCO (total […]

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Some tips for investing in art

In times of bad interest rates, more people are opting for other forms of investing. The art sector, for example, offers an alternative. For example, the turnover of the art sector in Belgium increased by 17.2 percent between 2002 and 2006, according to a British study by the European Art Foundation. Some things to keep in mind: The art sector is a […]

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